Disinfection Dental Unit

Disinfection Dental Unit

What is Advanced Disinfection Dental Unit?

The advanced disinfection dental unit is the latest dental chair has new era integrated control and intelligent whole pipeline disinfection feature.

Medical disinfection of an electric disinfection dental chair is a critical practice in dental clinics and offices to ensure the safety and health of both patients and dental staff. Dental chairs are pieces of equipment where patients sit during dental examinations and procedures. These chairs are exposed to various bodily fluids, aerosols, and potential contaminants, so proper disinfection is essential to prevent the spread of infections and diseases.

Then, the smart disinfection dental unit can perfectly the disinfection and ensure the clean of the dental operation tube.

What are the Benefits of Investing Advanced Disinfection Dental Unit?

As an newly launched product, the disinfection chair offers many benefits to dentists. Here are the main benefits of Anye’s disinfection unit.


The disinfection unit has a great improvement in the chair design. The disinfection unit has ordered space design and ergonomic chair design. These design improve the patient and physician’s experience of every minute in the dental chair.

New Technology

This dental disinfection dental chair makes good use of a new generation of equipment and instruments, as well as LED display control panel, effectively complete clinical treatment work.


An industrial disinfection dental unit usually has a disinfected water pipeline, so it effectively eliminates microorganisms in water, and quickly removes bacterial biofilm.