Automatic Dental Chair: Basic Knowledge

The automatic dental chair is one of the most important parts of every dental unit and it is a major fixture in any dental clinic, both for the patient and for the dentist. In this sense, ergonomics plays a very important role.

What is dental chair?

A Dental unit is a specially designed medical device intended to support a patient’s body when a dental procedure is being performed on them. These chairs are set on a pedestal that can often (but not always) swivel and are attached to a Dental Engine, which is a companion device that provides power, suction, water, and the like.
Automatic Dental Chairs

What parts does a dental unit have?

The chair can be a standard traditional dental chair or a knee-break chair. Some dental chair accessories to take into account when choosing a good chair are that it is adjustable, rigid, is made of quality materials, and is ergonomic.

Each chair is formed by a seat, a headrest, a backrest, and armrests. Dental unit with accessories has the below components, namely: dental light, dental chair controls, cup holder, spittoon bowl, air-water syringe, bracket table, and x-ray viewer. Also, dental chair foot covers,dental chair tray, dental chair transformer, dental chair monitor,etc.

How to choose a right dental chair?

The right dental chairs will not only increase the comfort of your patients but will allow you and your dental assistants to provide great care in the most efficient manner possible.

● Ergonomic dental chair will maximize the comfort of your patients.

● A dental chair that is easy to use and adjust can make your patients feel comfortable during a time when sensitive procedures are being performed.

● Choose a dental chair that comes equipped with a dentist station control panel, an adjustable seat that you can move around to find the perfect position when working on a patient’s teeth, and even a multifunctional foot pedal that makes it easier for you to adjust the seat when the patients are resting on it.


Dental chairs are affixed with various parts and components that will help make any dental procedure smoother and more efficient. Anye is a professional dental equipment factory in China, and we provide advanced dental unit design. Contact us for more details!