Why Is Tooth Protection So Important?

As we all know, teeth are the hardest organs in our human body. They have the function of biting and cutting food and assisting in pronunciation.
Healthy and neat teeth are not only very important to our body, but they can also add points to our appearance.
In the past, due to inadequate medical knowledge and limited conditions, people rarely has the awareness of protecting teeth. Unhealthy teeth are very likely to affect our gastrointestinal digestion problems. There is another point that cannot be ignored. Bad teeth can also bring bad mouth odor, and severe cases can affect interpersonal communication, so it is very important to protect your teeth.


What are the common dental diseases?

As the saying goes: "Toothache is not a disease, while it is killing when paining". Many experts say that in most cases, toothache will not threaten our lives, but the harm caused by dental diseases cannot be ignored.
Common dental diseases include Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Pulp disease, Caries, and so on.

What inconvenience does dental disease bring us?

There are many problems caused by teeth, such as:
  (1) Gum swelling and pain, toothache, etc. caused by oral diseases that are not treated in time.
  (2) Symptoms such as red, swollen, bleeding gums and pus, bad breath can affect personal image.
  (3) Defective teeth will affect the appearance, such as uneven teeth, sparse teeth, buck teeth, etc.
  (4) In the late period of periodontal disease, the teeth will gradually loosen, and in severe cases, it will cause loss.
  (5) Improper cleaning of teeth can easily form dental calculus and cause tooth inflammation.
  (6) Bacteremia of periodontitis easily induces myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease.


Common dental equipment

 1. Dental Unit
The dental unit is designed according to market demand, can meet the clinical professional needs of medical staff, conforms to the streamlined design of ergonomics, and can provide patients with spacious and comfortable seats.
dental unit    
Dental Unit

2. Kids Unit

A full cartoon chair specially designed for children. The goal is to provide children with a relaxing and pleasant environment.
kids unit
Kids Unit

3. Implant Unit

Provides a large and comfortable backrest, so the patient will not feel tired when you lie for a long time, and the side can be moved, which can maximize the operating space.
implant unit

Implant Unit
4. Rehabilitation Unit
Starting from mobility, comfort, safety, and ease of use, it comprehensively solves the problem of oral care.
rehabilitation unit

Rehabilitation Unit

Daily dental cares are essential

Take precautions before they happen, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, here are some tips for daily dental care:
 (1) Brush your teeth in the morning and evening and the brushing time should not be less than 2 minutes.
 (2) Fluoride toothpaste is the most effective way to prevent dental caries. (Baby within 6 years old should not use fluoride toothpaste.)
 (3) Rinse your mouth often after meals to reduce food residues.
 (4) Change toothbrushes frequently.
 (5) Drink less colored drinks.
 (6) Dental floss is more convenient to clean the gap between teeth.
 (7) Don’t delay seeing a dentist if you feel unwell.
 (8) Regular oral health checks.


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