Dental Unit AY-215B3

Dental Unit AY-215B3

AY-215B3 is made of a fourth-generation high-end professional dental unit based on comfort and technology. The product is designed according to market demand to meet the clinical professional needs of medical staff and provide patients with wide and comfortable seats. It is in line with the ergonomic streamline design, can automatically cooperate with the cushion movement to form an elevation angle, and has a stronger sense of back support. The intimate design of AY-215B3 can bring more comfort to patients.



Our design put comfort,safrty and easy using into the first place,never compromise!All our products focus on practicality,functions and aesthetics,which leads the trend of dental industry.

Purchase parts: 


Detachable Spittoon

The spittoon is detachable for easy cleaning, it can be rotated by 90°for patients to spit.



Instrument Tray

The bottom shell of the instrument tray is made of cast aluminum which is more solid and stable. There are 9 memories and barometer in front, it is convenient to watch the air pressure of handpiece tube at any time.

LED Operating Light

Philips LED light source, adjustable from 8,000 to 30,000, infrared sensor switch or touch switch to control stepless dimming. Its with manual and sensor integration, flexible  and agile movement, and easy to locate the required angle of lighting.



Junction Box

Enclosed power design, according to European safety standards, moisture-proof, dustproof and prevent electromagnetic interference. Its improve the stability and durability of the prower.
With main switch of water, electric and air, the barometer is on the top of the junction box which is convenient for observing the water and air status of the whole machine.


Dentist Stool C

Dental stool C with 360°mute universal wheel which is flexible to move, cushion lifting, backrest pitching. Its provides the dentist with good support for the haunch and waist.



Multifunctional Foot Pedal

The pedals have self-lock function and equipped with control of rise and down, backrest forward and backward, blowing, flushing and water supply, operating lamp on/off and handpiece control.



Luxury Backrest

The backrest inside is made of 4mm steel, outer layer is inlaid with PU material which is luxurious, solid and stable. Its greatly improves the comfort to patient.



Flushing and Water Supply

The water supply nozzle is higher 2cm above surface of the spittoon tank to avoid cross-infection caused by water splashing on the water supply nozzle during  flushing. The water supply seat can be detached for cleaning.



Assistant Control System

With multi-functional control panel, it is convenient for assistant to use the common functions of dental chair and assist dentists to improve work efficiency.



Rotatable Armrest

The armrest can be rotated horizontally which is convenient for patients to lie up and down the chair.



Foot Pad

The Foot pad is made of PU material that the patients do not need to take off their shoes for treatment, which is convenient for cleaning.



Chair Frame

The chair frame is made of 4mm metal cutting by the laser machine. Its with precise dimensions which is the highest standard in the dental unit industry.



Aluminum Cabinet

High strength integral molding, integral casting aluminum, no rust, high hardness, durable, not easy to deformation.



Cast aluminum lamp holder

Cast aluminum lamp holder, high flexibility, long service life (after 100,000 fatigue tests).

Key parts: 
4mm high quality steel is cut by laser cutting machine

4mm High Quality Steel Is Cut By Laser Cutting Machine

All ABS Plastic by Injection Moulding

All ABS Plastic By Injection Moulding

import medical water & air tube

Import Medical Water & Air Tube

Import member and valve

Import Member And Valve

import motor

Import Motor

Import Pressure Reducing Valve

Import Pressure Reducing Valve

import Solenoid Valve

Import Solenoid Valve

Power Supply With Protection System

Power Supply With Protection System

Self-designed PCB System, Import Chip

Self-designed PCB System, Import Chip

Technical Parameters:

Power Voltage 220V-50HZ/60HZ
Motor Voltage 24V
Air Pressure 0.5MPa-0.8MPa
Water Pressure 0.2MPa-0.4MPa

LED Light:

Rated input voltage AC 24V±10%
Maximum power 25VA
Light Source  4 white light-emitting diodes (LED)
Color Temperature 5,000K - 5,700K
Illuminance Adjustable from <8,000 to >30,000


24V DC Motor
Down Mounted Instrument Tray
3-Way Syringe(Assistant)Cold/Hot Water
Assistant Operating Control System
Water Heater System
Strong Suction Tube
Weak Suction Tube
Air Brake Instrument Tray
Emergency Switch(On/Off)
Auto Spittoon Flush And Cup Filler Control System
Detachable 90° Moveble Spittoon
Chair With Self-lock Function
Multifuncitonal Foot Pedal
Keypress Function For Spitting
Control Box With Main Switch(Water/Electric/Air)
4 Eyes LED Operating Light
Liquid Crystal Display
9 Memories
Dentist stool C
45°Rotating Cabinet
Glass Spittoon
Third Generation Chair Frame Compensation System
Environment Leather
Cast Aluminum Cabinet
Water One-way Valve(Anti-backflow Function)


8 Eyes operating light (whiteyellow)

8 Eyes operating light (whiteyellow)

4 Eyes operating light (white)

4 Eyes operating light (white)

lmplant operating light (white)

lmplant operating light (white)

Reflected operating light (whiteyellow)

Reflected operating light (whiteyellow)

Dentist stool C

Dentist stool C

Dentist stool A

Dentist stool A

Luxury Top-mounted instrument tray

Luxury Top-mounted instrument tray

Top-mounted instrument tray

Top-mounted instrument tray

Multifunctional foot pedal

Luxury cast aluminum multifunctional pedal 

Foot pedal

Cast aluminum multifunctional pedal

Monitor holder

Cast aluminum peda

Monitor holder


Curing Light

Foot pedal

Curing Light

Monitor holder



Colors Available:

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