Dental Unit AY-215C5

Dental Unit AY-215C5

Excellent performance to meet personalized and diversified functional experience

Lightweight Disinfection Dental Chair

-Ordered spaces, coordinated movements, and ergonomic design improve the patient and physicians experience of every minute in the dental chair

-Integrate the control and application of a new generation of equipment and instruments, as well as LED display control panel, effectively complete clinical treatment work

-Excellent performance and beauty, personalized accessories and rich functional experience, to meet a variety of treatment needs for different patients

-The whole water pipeline is disinfected, effectively eliminates microorganisms in water, and quickly remove bacterial biofilm


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Lightweight Disinfection Dental Chair

Automatic one button disinfection system

Disinfection of all water pipelines
-Rapid disinfection of water pipelines in 26 minutes
Eliminate microorganisms in water
-Kill planktonic bacteria in the tube
Eliminate bacterial biofilms
-Wash away the biofilm on the tube wall

Lightweight Disinfection Dental Chair

Disinfection process of the whole pipeline

Reliable technology
-Effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in water tube
-Several disinfection cycles within the specified time
Safe and convenient
-Automatic shutdown can be set after disinfection

Disinfection steps and methods

Ⅰ Ceramic spittoon installed disinfection accessories




ⅡInsert the handpiece, three-way syringe, scaler, etc. into the special position of the disinfection accessories



Ⅲ Dilute the disinfectant according to the standard




Ⅳ Add disinfectant




ⅤOpen the handpiece water regulating valve of instrument tray 




Ⅵ Press the one-button disinfection switch


Lightweight Disinfection Dental Chair
A work of wisdom
ANYE Numerical Control System


Numerical Control System

-It is convenient for doctors to observe the air pressure of handpiece at any time
LCD status display
-It is convenient for doctors to observe the working status of the dental chair at any time
Function control area
-15 function buttons, 9 memories, comprehensive function



Fault self-check function

It can check the working status of the operating light, water supply, flushing water, heater and viewer. It will display blue normally, and the icon will turn red when there is an abnormality. If the PCB, control box, main control key board, etc. have abnormal communication, the upper right corner will display red, which means the connection fails, which is convenient for troubleshooting.



Disinfection function

It displays the disinfection status and the time required, so that the doctor can understand the disinfection process more clearly, and automatically turns off the machine after disinfection is completed, which is safe and worry-free.

The 4th generation of dental chair compensation design

·It fits the curve of the back of the human body and provides patients with peace of mind and comfortable support. The dental chair can be adjusted to a wider range of height angles to ensure that doctors of all sizes can find a more comfortable working position. This provides a better viewing and treatment angle for the physician and allows the patient to lie down and get up from the dental chair.
·It has a synchronized compensation function to reduce the patient's body angle change when the dental chair is tilted.


Maximum seat position:<700mm
Minimum seat position:>400mm
Smooth lift and no lag

Lightweight Disinfection Dental Chair
Multi-joint movable headrest
Fixed anti-slip setting
The headrest position can be adjusted by pressing to prevent the headrest from sliding unsteadily, ensuring the stability of the headrest and making treatment safer.


The dental chair is made of high-density memory foam

Memory foam has good elasticity, moderate softness and slow rebound; it disperses the pressure on the contact surface between the dental chair and the human body, so that the patient's body can naturally stretch and relax.


Environmental micro-fiber leather

Environmental micro-fiber leather has a delicate touch, smooth and tight skin, uniform thickness and bright colors; it has good abrasion resistance.



The armrest provide a better grip point, making it easier for the patient to lie up and down the chair.

Easy-to-clean foot pad

A high-density plastic foot pad makes it easy to clean the dirt left on the foot pad, avoiding the impact on the leather cushion when wiping, and prolonging the service life of the dental chair.

Induction adjustable LED dental light
The top sensor switch realizes the integration of manual and induction
8 Philips lamp beads
-Two-colour light source specifically for dentistry
White light
-8 white light emitting diodes (LED)
Yellow light
-8 white light emitting diodes (with filter)
Anye's manual, induction integrated dental light has a large projection angle and the light spot conforms to the rectangular light spot required for oral surgery. High illumination 8000~30000 adjustable, colour temperature (5000k±10%)


Cast aluminium dental light arm

The cast aluminium dental arm has been tested 100,000 times for fatigue resistance and has a longer service life; it has improved mobility and is more flexible in multiple directions


Environmental micro-fiber leather

Ⅰ- Flexible movement of the lamp head, whether sitting or standing, to meet a variety of clinical needs

Ⅱ- Extra long arm for optimal illumination of all types of clinical

Ⅲ - The lamp head is designed to move in three axes for easy positioning

Ⅳ - Mounting mode: Integrated mounting on the equipment

Four-hand operation: Rotatable side box
The design box of the door type can be rotated 45°, which is convenient for daily maintenance; the rotating side box creates space for the assistant to operate, making it easy for the doctor and assistant to operate with four hands.

ASA casting process

Selected high quality ASA casting material, one-piece casting process; high purity, using 100% pure ASA material for production



Cast aluminium cabinet

Standardized production, one-piece precision casting molding super-strength cast aluminum cabinet, tough and durable, no deformation, long-term use without rust. Light weight, small force on the side box, strong stability of the dental chair, independent layout of water, electricity and gas, clear structure, convenient for subsequent maintenance

Main control: Instrument tool tray
The down mounted instrument tray has a unique design and appearance. The whole is made of cast material, and 100% pure ASA material is integrally formed.


Keypress function of water, air, electric switch

The lower left corner of the instrument tray is equipped with a key to turn off the main switch of water, gas and electricity. It is easy to press, convenient and simple to get off work.



Instrument tray silicone pad

Anti-slip silicone pad design protects the surface of the instrument tray, facilitates postoperative cleaning and maintains hygiene.

Sub-control: assistant tool tray
The assistant tool tray is a cast plastic shell with a beautiful appearance, which allows the assistant to assist the doctor in four-handed operation, improving the efficiency and precision of the treatment


Assistant tool tray

Ⅰ7 button control panel
It is convenient for assistant to control the common functions of dental chair up and down, water heating, phlegm flushing and mouthwash .
ⅡTool tray silicone pad
The tool tray can be used by the assistant to place small instruments. The silicone pad prevents the instruments from slipping and is easy to clean, keeping the tool tray hygienic.

Nano spittoon
Removable spittoon for easy cleaning and sterilization after use. 180° rotating design easy for patients to spit. The drainage is smooth, the water speed is ≥4.5L/min, and the disinfection cycle is efficiently promoted.


Tissue box

The side box comes with a tissue box, no additional installation is required. The tissue box is located next to the left armrest, convenient for patients to take out and wipe after spitting.



Dentist Stool C

Backrest can be tilted forward and backward
Cushion can be tilted forward and backward horizontally

-Environmental micro-fiber leather
-Five-star chair frame
-High-density memory foam

It is ergonomically designed to fit the curve of the lumbar spine and relieve the pressure on the waist caused by prolonged sitting. Bionic curved design to support the waist and protect the neck, effectively reducing occupational strain on dentists

-6-way adjustment to maintain the center of the body
-Support the doctor's waist and maintain a soft and comfortable touch
-Recessed seat cushion wraps around the hip and leg area


Chair can be raised and lowered

Cast aluminium frame
Lightweight and flexible cast aluminium frame; resistant to oxidation and rust, long service life 

Universal silent pulley

Multifunctional cast aluminum foot pedal
It is a low foot position control that keeps the pedal parallel when stepping on it to protect the ankle. Cast aluminum pedal bottom plate, lightweight and not easy to slide, strong stability and high durability.
It incorporates chair with self-lock function, chair position control, sputum flushing, mouthwash, reset and dental light control


Technical Parameters:

Power Voltage 220V-50HZ/60HZ
Motor Voltage 24V
Air Pressure 0.5MPa-0.8MPa
Water Pressure 0.2MPa-0.4MPa

LED Light:

Rated input voltage AC 24V±10%
Maximum power 25VA
Light Source 4 white light-emitting diodes (LED)
Color Temperature 5,000K - 5,700K
Illuminance Adjustable from <8,000 to >30,000


24V DC Motor
One button disinfection system for water pipelines
Chinese fault detection system
Automatic disinfection system (automatic shutdown)
Chair With Self-lock Function
Emergency safety Switch
8 bead LED dental light
Luxury cast aluminium multifunctional foot pedal
Down Mounted Instrument Tray
9 Memories
Keypress Function For Spitting
Strong Suction
Weak Suction
Operation Status Display
Rotatable Side Box
Detachable Ceremic Spittoon
Water Heater System
Cast Aluminium Cabinet
Air brake Instrument Tray
Luxury Micro-fiber Environment Leather
3-way Syringe( Hot/Cold Water)
Water One-way Valve(Anti-backflow Function)
Control Box With Main Switch (Water/Electric/Air)
Water Purification System
Assistant Operating Control System
The 4th Integral Chair Frame With Greatly Improved Synchronized Function
Auto Spittoon Flush And Cup Filler Control System
Dentist Stool C (6-way adjustable)
Dentist Stool A(stainless steel feet)

Careful quality, attention to detail


Emergency safety Switch

Screw-in filter

Reflected operating light (whiteyellow)

Four generation synchronized comfort large chair frame


Large capacity water storage bottle

Foot pedal

Imported tube

Built-in junction box


Colors Available:



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